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Do you remember the good old days were kids, interacted with other kids in their neighborhood, evented their own games, even toys and played out late until dawn? The kids were high-end

A playful opportunity for brands to connect with families It’s no secret that children learn from tasting, touching and rearrange things. Playing with physical objects and interacting with real people is a

In the current turbulent airline travel environment, speaking with family passengers, we learn the top 3 topics on their minds are: Safety Human care The Environment The extra attention on “here &

Play is essential and like always, children develop through play. In children’s everyday life, digital and virtual play has a central role and takes up more of their playtime. And at

Some of the most beneficial play is when children and adults play together. By playing together, children and adults strengthen inter-generational relationships and learn from each other. Whilst every culture and

Deliver to your attitude We know and understand our client’s agenda. And this is why we at KIDZinflight consider sustainability as an integrated part of everything we do. We create light-weighted kids’

Children deserves the very best One of our main reasons to keep as much of our production in Europe is that we can control and oversee the whole production process. It

No other industry has as many touchpoints as the airline industry. Consumers typically book an airline ticket about 40 days before traveling — and that’s where it all starts. An airline

The holiday begins in the cabin. The annual holiday are becoming a fixed event for most families. All attendees are looking forward to the vacation and nothing must go wrong. Expectations are

ICELANDAIR knows that kids activation is a strategic marketing tool and not just a give-away item on the flight only. It’s all about passenger experience for the whole cabin and the

Positive activation of children creates positive brand awareness among adult passengers. Further it increases the rate of returning passengers and their willingness to recommend to friends and colleagues. Every child on board

To secure optimizing of branding experience KIDZinflight offer you to organize and facilitate a free workshop to evaluate the present program and establish a standard for future material. Many will find, that

A mascot is the face which translate your master brand and lends your brand a distinct personality. A translation which in turn differentiates your company and provides you with unique advantages,

All our products are based on the general idea that genuine activation of children is done through challenging and involving experiences. It has for a long time been known that

The power of kids Do not underestimate the power of kids as they have a huge influence over their parents purchase decisions. At KIDZbranding we have a singular focus on

Do not underestimate Pester Power. The nag factor is still in power and children have a lot of influence over their parents purchase decisions. At KIDZbranding we have a singular focus

All our products are made from FSC certified paper and printed with water-based ink. In fact, at KIDZbranding we consider sustainability to be an integrated part of everything we do.

Although it some time may be very educational to sit with a tablet, it is important that it doesn’t get out of hand – especially when it comes to children it’s

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