ICELANDAIR and KIDZinflight are proud to be nominated for the 2018 Onboard Hospitality Award

ICELANDAIR knows that kids activation is a strategic marketing tool and not just a give-away item on the flight only. It’s all about passenger experience for the whole cabin and the crew.
Treasure Iceland kids’ packs, made for European and US flights, use the colours and nuances of Iceland and the Nordic light. The new child program for ICELANDAIR is developed by KIDZinflight and has a strong focus promoting Iceland on a ‘child level’. The concept takes kids on a treasure hunt in Iceland, taking off at the iconic Keflavik airport, to the Hallgrims Church and the Blue Lagoon – and further.

The aim is to offer kids onboard a carefully selected variation of activities and games, which draw them to the many attractions and adventures in Iceland. The focus is on high entertainment value and second life items.

When kids open the packs, they are introduced to their new Icelandic friends and travel companions: Freyja, Flóki, Katla, Skotta and Mosi. All names are the most typical Icelandic names and present the characteristics of each character eg the horse Freyja, the Goddess of Love. The Treasure Iceland kids concept is developed by KIDZinflight in close cooperation with ICELANDAIR.

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