Better inflight service means better branding

To secure optimizing of branding experience KIDZinflight offer you to organize and facilitate a free workshop to evaluate the present program and establish a standard for future material.
Many will find, that a tablet or touch screen is the ideal solution as entertainment tool onboard, but tablets are not enough to keep a child entertained. Children of today uses the tablet every day and some for hours. Children easily get bored and require more and different entertainment.

KIDZinflight are specialist in creating positive activation for the benefit of a more effective and better airline product. That’s why we claim, that KIDZinflight optimize the overall brand experience.

Real innovation takes an expert

Innovation is less about process or culture, than it is about solid know-how. It is challenging the present standard and aim for something better and smarter.
KIDZinflight is a Scandinavian niche company, with more than 40 years of experience in children on board activities. Due to our outstanding child inflight knowledge and innovation experience, we up-grade and develop new games and tools for inflight activities.

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