Is free WIFI the optimal solution for families?

Play is essential and like always, children develop through play. In children’s everyday life, digital and virtual play has a central role and takes up more of their playtime. And at the same time, the number of children feeling lonely and not fit to cope in the real world is increasing to an alarming level.

At a conference held in Copenhagen beginning of this year, a panel of young kids explained their interest for the digital world. However, at the same time, the kids express that they miss their parents engagement to what they were doing in the digital world – e.g. the games they are playing, the dances on TIK TOK – just like parents tend to do, when their children engage in football, tennis or dancing lessons and it is a phenomenon we see across borders.

From research we know that the most important thing for children on holiday is spending time with the family and their parents. Airlines should be aware of this fact, since at first sight kids may be thrilled to discover free WIFI on board, but they actually miss family time – the presence and attention from their parents. Therefore it is very important that airlines in the development of child programs, not only is focused on pacify – but also are looking for interaction between all members of the family.

Opportunity for airlines

Airlines have a unique possibility to benefit from bringing families closer together and to create family time onboard. At KIDZinflight we help airlines with the balance between Digital and Classic Play time and how to secure families a positive start of their holiday.

Being kids experts we consult airline clients in how to develop concepts that optimizes the family journey with focus on the overall brand performance. With a 360 degree mindset for the customer journey, we take you through the project from start to finish – and over again.

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