Top 3 topics which concerns the 2021 passenger

In the current turbulent airline travel environment, speaking with family passengers, we learn the top 3 topics on their minds are:

  • Safety
  • Human care
  • The Environment

The extra attention on “here & now” safety and with many airlines introducing demand for facemasks for all pax age 6+, we experience an increased interest to meet the passengers concern by offer complimentary face mask to children for which we have developed a line of clean kids kits.

The general situation makes an increased focus on airline staff behavior, never before have the little gestures, which the best airlines cabin crew master, been more important, as a catalyst for the good travel experience. Despite of – or perhaps because of the difficult time for airline travel, we see a trend in airline board rooms of creating attention on the family pax segment: “This situation should definitely not be at the children’s expense. We must step up and make sure they are taken care of the best way possible.”

As airplanes have been grounded, the talks about the environmental effects and sustainability, have grown even stronger and family passengers have sharpened their focus of airline choice. The question: “Which airline show me they take sustainability seriously?” have higher attention in passengers minds now as planes step-by-step are taking off again.

We know the game and your family passengers

We deliver high international aviation service, innovative kids concepts and just-in-time delivery, for the benefit of our clients. All our products are optimized for children by age groups, securing a long lasting impression for each individual child. All our services are optimized for ground handling and inflight use.

Sustainability is an integrated part when we create kids concepts and globally we are considered to be the leading company for inventing kids concepts for airlines which works today and take care of the future.

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