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Brand optimization – and returning passengers

Positive activation of children creates a positive brand experience and gives returning passengers.

KIDZinflight is a Scandinavian niche company, with more than 40 years of experience in kids in-flight activity concepts for the benefit of all passengers. Sustainability is part of our DNA. We consult our airline clients for how to integrate sustainability in their kids activity concept, leaving as little carbon foot print as possible for future generations.

Every child onboard is a potential brand optimization

KIDZinflight is a specialist in entertainment of children and we develop innovative and inspiring programs to maximize the overall brand performance.

Our key focus is what we can do for our clients and their customers and our process is based on +40 years of experience and we create effective solutions based on experience, insight and creativity.

We offer an integrated solution
Our solution is based on insights from analysis and customer journey mapping
We work quickly, professionally and focused on the task
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A 360 degree partner for the airline industry

For companies with a focus on overall brand performance we act as a partner in optimization of the core product by a singular focus on kids and their families.

Being a kids and family concept agency, our understanding of children and their families enables us to shape our client’s brand, so it fits into their world – and is truly relevant to them. We support you in obtaining your goals for CSR, UN SDGs and sustainability.

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