Travelling is an opportunity for quality time with children

Some of the most beneficial play is when children and adults play together. By playing together, children and adults strengthen inter-generational relationships and learn from each other. Whilst every culture and family have their own play rituals and traditions, there are overall different insights into how we play. All of them are used in the development of our products.

1 // Free-Style Play
Undirected play. It is free, spontaneous and unstructured. The child simply follows its own play urges, and the adults follow.

2 // Build-It Play
Constructive play. Children and adults play together using objects and toys to create something new, thinking creatively about how to build it in the best way.

3 // Mirror-Me Play
Imitative play. Children mirror adult’s behavior in a playful way by helping them out with adult tasks and turning these into a game.

We believe in a playful approach

We all know that play is learning for life and therefore an important factor to all humans no matter their nationality. Already as new-borns we begin to play and we continue for the rest of our lives.

Play makes us stronger and creates who we are. But why do we play? People across cultures have identified 5 key motivators that explain why we play. 

  • Play to Repair: Play helps people to rest, rebalance and ultimately repair physically and mentally.
  • Play to Connect: Play enhances bonds and helps people to get closer to friends, family and loved ones.
  • Play to Escape: Play offers moments of freedom away from everyday obligations, rules and routines.
  • Play to Explore: Play serves as a tool to learn and develop outside the usual frame of reference.
  • Play to Express: Play provides a platform to be creative, giving people permission to express a different version of themselves.

Experienced yet playfull

KIDZinflight is a Scandinavian niche company with more than 40 years of experience with children’s on-board activities. As a specialist in children’s entertainment, we develop innovative and inspiring programs to maximize the overall brand performance.

Our key focus is what we can do for our clients and their customers and we always strive for perfection. Due to our outstanding knowledge about children inflight we provide a true partnership for all our clients.

Source: A spark of play everyday, the Ikea Play report 2017

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