Optimize safety for kids onboard

Children deserves the very best

One of our main reasons to keep as much of our production in Europe is that we can control and oversee the whole production process. It simply makes us smarter and quicker in our service to our customers.

Due to our ISO certification all our kids item are produced under European regulation and this means the highest degree of safety in terms of ingredients in our products. This is just one of the ways that KIDZinflight ensure that the children get the very best.

Magic Sticker set is glueless

The unique feature of Magic Sticker set from KIDZinflight is the never ending peel-off and put-on ability without the use of glue. Originally designed that way due to the fact that children like to put stickers all over the place, and not to mention – into their mouth. So with glueless stickers we make safety and convenience a priority – and that’s why our Magic Sticker activity set is an Airline must-have.

KIDZinflight makes Augmented Reality easy and affordable

With our plug&play AR solution we can also help you in combining the digital and analogue world in an easy and cost effective way. As an extension to our successful Magic Sticker set our plug&play AR solution adds several digital features expanding personalized play to also consist of selfies and much more.

Magic Sticker set is an airline must-have

  • Kids make up their own stories and pictures
  • Glueless – no harm done if a child swallows a magic sticker
  • Glueless – easy cabin cleaning
  • No Phatalates
  • Always FSC Paper – paper from responsible sources
  • Light weighted material and fuel cost friendly
  • Envorimental friendly
  • Award winning and plug&play AR solution with our Zappar app

Why the FSC label matters

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