Take a digital timeout

A playful opportunity for brands to connect with families

It’s no secret that children learn from tasting, touching and rearrange things. Playing with physical objects and interacting with real people is a boost for children’s neurologic development. Between the ages of 3-6 years old, children develop a variety of basic skills of the things they should acquire later in life – but if they only interact with digital objects, they will not be able to develop

  • Creative thinking
  • Problem solving
  • The feeling of different materials
  • The experience of a face-to-face conversation

Therefore, it is crucial that not all interactions come from a screen.

The power of analogue play

As a brand who wants to connect with families through children, the analogue play is an outstanding and playful method to connect to your target audience. It signals that you care about your customer and take an active part in their children’s healthy development. It is also a way to differentiate your business and it provides you with unique advantages, such as an instant connection with your brand.

Combine the nag factor with a healthy approach

Kids have an enormous power when it comes to their parents purchase decisions. Not only are they our future spenders, but they already influence even high purchase decisions. Kids are basically today’s customers, buyers, spenders, shoppers, and consumers. They can play an important role in the consumer market by influencing their parent purchases – whether its products used in the household, a new car or a toy for themselves.

The norm tradition and rules of parents deciding in the family have begun to disappear, and the communication in between the family have become more open and democratic. Consequently, children now a days achieve more influence on the family’s decision making and have a lot more freedom to choose than their parents had, when they were their age. The freedom of a child’s will and desire has brought benefit to brands – and if they use the right branding and marketing tools, you will be able to take the kids by the hand and the parents by the heart.

Therefore, KIDZbranding encourages brands to not only brand your product through the eyes of the children, but also take a healthy stand in how they play.

DIGI TIMEOUT – a playful tool to connect

DIGI TIMEOUT is a plug’n’play tool to your brand and its primarily based on entertainment value, educational value, and a connection with your specific product, without relying on tablets, smartphones, or other digital assets. The strength of analogue play is to secure a healthy interaction for the child and boost the brain development. As we say in KIDZbranding: Tablets are good for many things, but it will never replace the authentic children’s gameplay.

DIGI TIMEOUT includes a package of physical games and activity books for children. It represents variations of fun activities for both genders and contains among other things activity books and coloring pencils, a magic sticker set and memory games.

See how we replaced tablets with healthy and clever activation for the passengers of Icelandair with DIGI TIMEOUT.

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