Brand Mascot – a powerful tool which translates your brand

A mascot is the face which translate your master brand and lends your brand a distinct personality. A translation which in turn differentiates your company and provides you with unique advantages, such as having your current audience and your potential customers looking at your mascot and instantly connect to your brand.

Therefore, it makes absolute sense that a mascot is the main feature in marketing campaign. You properly know Ronald McDonald from McDonald’s, Lollo & Bernie from Sunclass Airlines, and Tony the Tiger from Kellogg´s. In common, they all have a personality and are appealing to both parents and children.

A brand mascot gives your brand a face

Getting the right messaging out to your target audience, is a difficult task to achieve for most businesses. Without a face to your brand, you are simply just another logo amongst thousands of logos. By creating your own brand mascot, it suddenly gives your brand a face, a character, and a personality. When you add a brand mascot into your brand strategy, you generate the opportunity to develop a personality which matches the DNA of your company.

The primary purpose of a brand mascot is to help build and strengthen brand identity. It’s also a great way to reinforce top-of-mind awareness. This makes it easier for you to create a physical and emotional connection with your target group. It’s easier to build customer loyalty, it’s easier to make an impact on kid’s families on all touch points within the customer journey.

When consumers see your brand mascot they simply become more primed to put your business first in their mind map.

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