Hands-on with KIDZbranding

All our products are based on the general idea that genuine activation of children is done through challenging and involving experiences. It has for a long time been known that hands-on learning, for example by drawing or construction is highly effective. Today neuroscience can document how physical and active participation in experiences stimulates the brain and improves the quality of learning.
So, welcome to a real world of KIDZbranding, with real involvement and true satisfaction through hands-on experiences.

Learning from the past

Teachers and other experts are increasingly aware of the fact, that people primarily are thinking and learning from specific experiences, they have made by themselves. We save experiences in our memory and use them to run simulations in our brain for problem solving in new situations. These simulations help us to develop hypotheses for what we need to do in a new situation based on past experience. So be clever and learn from the past – KIDZbranding has the products for a healthy and clever activation.

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