Experience the inside of a brand

No other industry has as many touchpoints as the airline industry. Consumers typically book an airline ticket about 40 days before traveling — and that’s where it all starts. An airline brand needs to excel at experience delivery, set the right expectations and deliver consistently across all touchpoints over time. That’s what it takes to build a great brand.
Consumers are literally sitting inside the brand – or at the factory floor, if you like. More or less, all airlines use the same planes, primarily Boeing or Airbus, and there are not so many seat providers either. This means that the general service and personal appearance are primary bricks for brand building during the flight.

Get the right toolbox in place

There are many ways to optimize employee performance. But one thing is for sure – to do so, employees need the right toolbox. KIDZinflight are specialists in the entertainment of children and we develop innovative and inspiring inflight programs to provide maximum support to the cabin crew. Positive activation of children creates positive brand awareness among adult passengers. Further, it increases the rate of returning passengers and their willingness to recommend the airline to family, friends and colleagues. Every child on board is therefore a golden opportunity to secure the optimal brand experience.

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