Do you remember…

Do you remember the good old days were kids, interacted with other kids in their neighborhood, evented their own games, even toys and played out late until dawn?

The kids were high-end users of their imagination, creativity, and social skills. At that time there were no other alternatives.

Today time has changed, and it keeps changing rapidly. Kids become older younger. They hardly know the name of the kids in their street. Are captured in the digital universes in their room.
At a very early age they focus on high grades, achievements, and recognition.

Let us help our future generation and encourage them to play more and to use their imagination and creativity skills a little longer.

Magic Sticker Set – Award Winning Airline Game

The overall product line from KIDZbranding consist of fun games and activities for babies, toddlers, pre-teens, and teens. In common they all stimulate the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social development within each age group.

Magic Sticker Set was the very first activity, introduced by KIDZbranding to airlines approx. 30 years ago. Despite the many years, the concept still works.

Kids 30 years ago and kids of today, have the same in common, they love to create their own pictures and stories. With the Magic Sticker Set, children place the rescuable stickers on the scenery and event their own stories over and over again. It is never ending play.

Magic Sticker Set is a unique concept, evented by KIDZbranding (former known as UNISET).

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